Distance Learning Support for Teachers During Covid Crisis – 5 Key Tips

During this unprecedented time, we need to shift in ways that are challenging to say the least. Teaching is already challenging and this pushes us even further out of the comfort zone. But there are opportunities with Distance Learning to go deeper with students and to use technology to enhance the learning experience for students as best we can. Here are some ideas and resources. 

5 Key Tips:

  1. Use the technology available that you are most comfortable with and demand support 
  2. Deeper learning is more learning: Focus on big, engaging ideas and chunk the learning so students build skills more independently over time
  3. Be SUPER consistent with schedule, routines and procedures and keep them SIMPLE and COHERENT
  4. Set up a flexible responsive communication channel with parents and caregivers
  5. Practice self compassion and acceptance as much as possible and spread this to students and families by focusing heavily on kindness and respect while online

Resources by Tip:

Tip 1: Free Distance Learning Resources

Tip 2: Deeper Learning Really is More

Tip 3: Coherency is Your Friend

Tip 4: Communication with Your Community

Tip 5: Self Compassion and Respect Online

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