“You probably don’t remember me, I was one of those “troubled youths”…I just want to thank you because you were one of the few who I actually believed when they said they cared. You were a great teacher and a wonderful spirit and I have never forgotten you after all these years….thank you again.”

“Thanks 2 you High School felt like home…”

“I just wanted to let you know that I am happy to have found you on Facebook. I have thought about you often over the years and was sorry that we had not been able to keep in touch. I hope all has been well.  I thought you might like to know that I still keep a journal presently. I always loved writing prior to meeting you but I don’t think that journaling is something I would have been as consistent about had it not been for your influence.  I have always wanted to tell you that you had a profound impact on my life. I still think about the things we would talk about while I was in high school and they stood with me as I transitioned into adulthood. You helped me and supported me more than you will ever know. It has been a long time but I am happy that I finally have a chance to say thank you.”


“Just a note to say thank you for the wonderful pd that you put on today.  I personally appreciate the wonderful information that you distributed to the entire staff.  You are a wonderful, kind presenter.  Peace.”

“Just a note to say thank you for the productive meeting with you this morning.  You’re an awesome coach and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate taking your time to meet with me.”

“You are such a wonderful person.  I just reviewed those resources.  They are excellent.  I am adding them to the materials that you have already distributed.  Thanks again.”

“You were such a support to me at Castlemont.  I think you helped me stay in teaching  =)  Thanks for your friendship and encouragement.”

“Thanks for the strategies.  It’s always nice to get reminded of different structures.  You’re welcome to stop by anytime.”

“Again, thank you for the talk the other day – I really needed it and you are a good at it!  You offer advice that isn’t intrusive or unheard.”

“Oh, thank you so much for your kind words and wonderful ability to relate!”

“You are a dynamite teacher leader!”

“Thank you very much for the work with Ashley; she has indeed improved her paper considerably under your instruction, and I know she also appreciates the extra attention, as who wouldn’t.”

“You have been such a great mentor!”

“Thanks so much for your presentation last week! Your process is very systematic and will help us a lot in refining our intervention tools and structures.”

“Thank you so much for your presentation on Friday. It was informative and very helpful. I learned a lot, and was really inspired with the diagnostic tools. I shared the information with my principal, and my staff at the staff meeting yesterday. I think quite a few of them will be coming to the next training. Yeah!!
Thanks for the electronic materials you sent. You are awesome!”

“I just really want you to know how cared for and supported I always feel at your trainings.  You are a gem and I wish I had the opportunity to sit in on your classes.”

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